Devin Hester trains hard, not ready to retire

Devin Hester has just completed a toe surgery in the off-season after being released by the Atlanta Falcons last month.

Hester, the league’s best kick returner, has not considered retirement and hopes to return again.

Devin Hester
On Wednesday, he posted his photos on Instagram and wrote:” I will eventually kick the ass of those people.” Hester told reporters there are at least 14 NFL teams interested in acquiring him.

While Hester is 33 years old, but he maintains his role as a player well. The team may sign Hester to a non-guaranteed contract, and he will worth the salary as long as he can break out to completes a touchdown one time.

Eli Manning explains why never miss preseason

Preseason seems become dangerous for many players, for safety reasons, Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson tend to stay away from the preseason.

Eli Manning

But Eli Manning does not think so, he insisted play the first preseason game against the New York Giants, the game is not he want, but he feels it need to match.

Manning explained:” “I need to feel the preseason as a quarterback, offseason means a feeling lack of impact for a long time, I’ve not been hit nine months, only the opponent in the race will be blasted to hit me, so I need to fit the rhythm and the game environment in order to prepare for the first week of the tournament. ”

In fact, Manning has not missed a game in his career.

Chicago Bears Starting Center Hroniss Grasu gets a knee cruciate ligament tear

The destructive injuries are an unfortunate part of the preseason, which also subjected the Chicago Bears to a heavy blow.

According to media reports in Chicago, the Bears center Hroniss Grasu got knee cruciate ligament tear when training on Saturday. This center who is the third-round pick in 2015, starting eight games in the last season.

Hroniss Grasu

Bears have been difficult to ensure a strong starting offensive line, they may make Ted Larsen to fill the position. Larsen, 29-year-old, started 26 games for the Arizona Cardinals as the offensive guard in the past two seasons.

Although Larsen offers a quickly solution, so Bears might also try to ues the second-round pick Cody Whitehair to patchwork offensive line.

So this is the situation that the coach John Fox and his colleagues need to face in the future. In the past two offseason, Fox focused on upgrading the defense group to meet their envisaged state.

Michael Bennett proclaims Jay Cutler the ‘worst quarterback in the NFL’

Jay Cutler has never been a good quarterback in the league, and recently, Bennett Brothers referred to this quarterback when took part in a program.

Michael Bennett

In fact, Martellus Bennett has been the partner of Cutler for three seasons, so his brother Michael Bennett told the truth about the quarterback that”Worst quarterback in the NFL” in an interview. Martellus added,“I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage.”

The another player Bennett Brothers talked about is Sam Bradford, the quarterback of Philadelphia Eagles, who praised as “The greatest quarterback in the NFL”.

It’s a good thing for Martellus to leave Chicago bears, although he can’t start in the New England Patriots, what we can sure is that he must very enjoy the passes of Tom Brady.